Samsung Patent Hints a Tablet with Rollable Display, Will We See it Actually?

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Recently, Samsung filed a patent which hints that Samsung is working on scroll-like Tablet with rollable display. The prototype shows a tablet with a roll on one side. While this type of prototype is not shown first time we have been seeing this for years now. I will refer to the stories of past on rumored Samsung rollable and foldable display devices at the end of this article.


However, this time display of a scrollable tablet shown in the image above found in the Samsung Patent, wraps around a roll. The display rolls out by the pulling the opposite side of the device outwards. While the device reacts according to roll’s rotation and determines what’s the current active area of the display. In short according to the Samsung patent, the device can expand and shrink the touch screen or viewing and input area sidewise.

However, patents stands for only prototypes or sometimes a concept don’t even gets prototyped which leaves more work to be done until completion of the final product.

As said in start, we have seen some stories related to Samsung’s rollable and foldable display devices in the past as well. In November 2015, highlighted the projection of the foldable Samsung OLED displays. It was reported that Samsung is planning to launch its first Smartphone with a foldable display in 2016 but it never happened. While that year, thenextweb and also posted a story about the patent signed by Samsung showing rollable and foldable phones and tablets.

Rollable OLED Display Via Slash Gear

In April, 2016 posted that Samsung is expected to release foldable phone in 2017, a foldable phone which can double as a tablet. In May 2016 Slash Gear posted a video showing scrollable OLED display which was shown at the SID 2016 event in San Francisco.

While in June last year, CNET published the video related to foldable and expandable phones and tablets and rumored the device to come this year.

So, all news and rumors of the past and the recent Samsung Patent indicates that we will surely seeing a Samsung rollable tablet. But there’re higher chances that we won’t be seeing it anytime soon.

Separately, whatever the tablet shown in the recent Samsung patent is we have excitement to see the first ever tablet with a foldable or scroll-like display, as indeed it could change the course of the whole Tablet and Smartphone industry.


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