Set 360-Degree Wallpapers on your Tablet or Smartphone Right Now

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Do you know you can use 360 degree photos (photspheres) as wallpapers on Your Android Tablet or Smartphone? We will provide you a quick tutorial on how to set 360-Degree Wallpapers on Tablet or Smartphone.

360-Degree Wallpapers

360 degree photos and videos are the next era of media and it is impressive to see photos and videos in this format on home screen of your tablet or Smartphone. But till today it was not possible to set the 360- degree photos as wallpapers. Thanks to Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper app that brings this awesome experience to android. While some smartphone makers also bringing support of 360 photo for setting wallpapers. Like recently LG brought the 360 degree wallpapers features to its latest smartphones.

360-Degree Wallpapers on Android Tablet

You can grab this app from Google Play Store and it has a large numbers of high quality 360 degree image packs to set as wallpapers on home screen of your tablet. When using a tablet we have always been concerned about the appearance of the home screen as tablets proved a good portable computer device for everyone, especially for kids who are always addicted to look at their tablets as an adventurous world. In this adventure, they constantly want to learn new things and the home screen is also an important element to their adventure, but it’s not all the case.

I have only mentioned the kid’s aspect of tablet use while there are a lot of reasons that your tablet home screen is the important element for a tablet user. And it’s really a fun way of viewing the 360 degree photos on your home screen. A photosphere wallpaper usually drain a device battery faster than normal wallpapers but it didn’t happen in my case. And if you are ok with that then go to source link we have provided at the end to download the app.

You should know that Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper app is only compatible with OS Android 4.4 KitKat or later. This app is really simple to use and you can set any 360-degree wallpaper on your Tablet, Right Now!

However, we have laid out a quick tutorial for how to set 360-degree photos as wallpapers on Tablet or Smartphone through . For this purpose we have used Android 5.1 lollipop and you may find some difference according to your device.

Set 360-Degree Wallpapers on Android Tablet

  1. Open the Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper app after downloading it. You will first see this screen. You can tap on ‘SET WALLPAPER’ to set the default photosphere (360 degree photo) showing on the back. Alternatively, you can tap CONTINUE to change the settings. Photosphere-HD-Live-Wallpaper
  2. When you tap Set Wallpaper, this screen will appear. Tap the Set Wallpaper once more to set this 360 degree wallpaper on your home screen.Photosphere-Wallpaper
  3. Here you can see the Photosphere has been set as wallpaper. We have enabled the cinematic effects and stated battery usage at one percent. 360-degree-home-screen
  4. You can change the default settings. You can zoom the view in or out by changing the degree angle field of view. You can also change the settings of wallpaper rotation on swipe from left or right and up or down. There is a option for adding sensor settings. Cinema effects enabled will add up the auto-rotation­. You can also add darker background settings for night and brighter background at day time. Even you will also find the option to change the battery usage. Increasing battery percentage will make the animation more smoother. 360-degree-Wallpaper
  5. While going through photo option, you can also choose any 360 photos from your gallery to set wallpaper. Or there are tons of other high definition photospheres provided by Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper under different categories. You can buy the packs or download their free photospheres right now. 360 degree photos

This was a quick guide for Setting 360-Degree Wallpapers on any android tablet or smartphone. If you find any issue while setting 360-degree wallpapers on your tablet or smartphone then feel free to ask any question in the comment section.

Download Photosphere HD Live Wallpaper

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