How to Soft and Factory Reset Kindle Fire HDX

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Is your Kindle Fire HDX is lagging, getting unresponsive due to a system damage or over usage, or you have to giveaway your Kindle to other person then resetting your Fire HDX is must have task to do. Here we will tell you the method to reset your device in two ways.

Quick Steps to Reset Kindle Fire HDX

First, it is recommended to check if the battery is charged at least 30 percent then go for a soft reset. But if you are going to giveaway your kindle device then skip the soft reset process and go for reset to factory default to restore your device default settings.

Soft Reset Kindle Fire HDX

For doing a soft reset on Kindle Fire HDX, first locate a power button of your Kindle Fire HDX. Now press and hold the button for 20 to 30 seconds and many options may pop up on your screen but ignore them and let the screen turn black. Once the black screen will appear you are ready to press the power button again to power the device on and that’s all.

Factory Reset Kindle Fire HDX

However, if any problem persists that was supposed to be resolved after soft reset then you should try a factory reset too. The factory reset Kindle Fire HDX will format all your data. It means all your data like any media, apps, files and settings will be deleted. So first you should be prepared to do factory reset and back up all data that you want to save.

Now you should go for factory reset but before that, check if your Kindle Fire HDX is charged at least 30 percent because your device will not perform factory reset if it is not charged more than 30 percent.

In first step of resetting to factory defaults, go to Settings Screen and Tap “Device” to open Device Settings menu. In device settings you will find a option “reset factory Defaults,” tap on it to start the factory reset. However after tapping “reset to factory Defaults” option, a pop up will appear tap on it if says “Erase Everything” to perform complete Factory Data reset.

Now your device will be stored to its initial settings and software. To use your device you will now need to setup the Kindle Fire HD again in similar way you did on first time after owning.

So this was a simple guide to soft reset and factory reset Kindle Fire HDX. If you find any trouble while completing the reset process then feel free to ask question below in the comment section.

Note: If you don’t find reset factory to defaults option in the “Device” settings then it means your device is less charged to perform reset.

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