Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue to Fix via Software update, says Microsoft

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For more than a month now, Surface Pro 3 users are facing a problem with rapidly drainage battery but now we have a good news for them. Microsoft has stated on their forum that a Software update to be released soon will fix the battery issue.

Surface Pro 3 Battery Issue Fix

The Windows company stated there is no Hardware issue on back and the Surface Pro 3 users shouldn’t apply for replacement as software update is pending. According to Microsoft, the developers team has been working on update and now process reached into the testing phase.

The statement by Microsoft is a good news for users who are waiting for the bug fixes after Microsoft described the matter as a software bug.

Back in July, Microsoft had addressed on Q/A platform that there is no issue on hardware end and they are digging out the problem related to software.

However there are several feeds showing many users have already ordered the replacement for their Surface Pro 3. So, this news gonna frustrate them as they had already paid additional $450 replacement fee and replacement won’t help them till the update comes.

Microsoft has not said any word about offering of compensation to users who’ve already paid for Surface Pro 3 replacements. Moreover, the company has not announced any date for the Software update to come.

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