Tablet Sales Enter 12th Consecutive Quarter of Annual Decline, Amazon Gains Share, Apple Still No.1

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New report by International Data Corporation indicates tablets sales are still drifting down, this time turning to 12th consecutive quarter of annual decline. Tablet Market declined 5.4% in third quarter despite the stats that 4 of the top 5 five showed positive year-over-year growth. While it is expected that tablet shipments may decline further in the coming years.

However, what are the reasons of this undisrupted fall? We can find them by digging the facts that may have direct or indirect impact on tablet sales.

According to the report few reasons related to downfall of tablet sales are the lengthening of tablet replacement cycle, first time tablet buyers becoming harder to find, and traditional PCs toning up its user base as alternative.

Longer replacement cycle of tablets is supported by the fact that users don’t mind to keep an old tablet for casual use and tablets have longer life as compared to phone. New buyers are also becoming harder to find because there are now more large screen phones available than before. 6-inch handsets are choicer than tablets for new consumers. While in terms of power productivity, old alternatives to tablets like traditional PCs gaining their strength back in user base along with convertibles (Another portable category standing in the mid of old laptops and tablets).

When talking about detachable tablets versus convertibles, the detachables market is also dimmer than expected. According to reports the owners of convertibles and detachable like Microsoft and Apple suppliers are also more inclined to recommend convertibles than detachable, which further lessening the user penchant for detachable tablets. But we can also assume another fact that tablet platform is now wider and more diversified with addition of more categories originating from its nature.

Separately, the report also indicated that users’ preference is increasing for low-cost slates, the fact that also forced the top tablet seller Apple to consider something less pricey in its iPad lineup.

Top Five Tablet Companies 

Top 5 Tablet companies IDC 2017

Apple always enjoys a continuous victory in premium class over its competitors. Now lower-priced iPad has also helped it to stand firmly at first place. Report says iOS 10 have also helped the company making iPads lineup a more serious PC competitor but yet there is lot to bring in order to become the primary computing device for the masses. Sales of iPads increased 11.4% year over year and shipped 10.3 million units.

Samsung tablets accounted for less than 10 percent of its own shipment in this quarter. The report says although Samsung’s premium image stays in tablet market but it relies more on lower cost Tab A and E series. Samsung still manages its second position while this time its tablet sales decreased 7.9% to reach 6 million units as compared to 6.5 million in same quarter of previous year.

Standing at third position, Amazon’s aggressive hardware selling strategy is proving to be quite successful as this quarter the company managed to achieve biggest year-over-year sales growth (In top five list) of 38.7% with total 4.4 million units. Thanks to low-cost hardware for long-standing and ongoing relationship with end users. Amazon offered 7-inch tablet for under $30 during this year Prime Day Sale, helping in climb of its share from 7.5% to 10.9%.

Huawei and Lenovo both tied the fourth place in total shipments, adopting similar low-cost strategy. Both companies are focusing on low cost devices for asia/pacific and Western Europe. Hauwei concentrated more on cellular enabled tablets as compared to Lenovo. While Lenovo introduced Tab 4 lineup having competitive specs and features as a primary focus. Companies’ total worldwide shipments of tablets were 3 million in 3rd quarter of 2017, gaining yoy 18.8% and 8.9%, respectively.

While other companies saw biggest decrease, losing 26.3 percent share on year-on-year basis in total tablet supplies.

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