9 Things to Know About Chuwi Vi10 Plus

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Chuwi, one of the most popular Chinese tablet manufacturing brand which has variety of tablet devices for the Asian market released Chuwi Vi10 Plus tablet previous month. The company is popular among the users for it’s hybrid and 2-in-1 tablets. 2-in-1 tablet platform is popular for productive friendly tasks. Which help users to switch among apps with simple navigation that we enjoy on windows laptops. As main android tablet market is impacted by the concept of 2-in-1 platform, android tablets have gradually reduced its popularity.


However, company introduced its first Chuwi Remix OS Tablet Chuwi Vi10 Plus. Remix OS is based on android but came with lot of productive features that lacked in android devices before. Users love android due to millions of apps availability for download. But the limitations of android in term of productivity frustrate many users who own tablets not just for casual media consumption, browsing and reading ebooks.

9 things to know about Chuwi Vi10 Plus tablet

Here are the 9 things you need to know about Chuwi Vi10 Plus tablet before buying:

1. Remix OS 2.0

The Chuwi Vi10 Plus runs Remix OS 2.0 which brings as much productivity that we haven’t experienced before on android OS. The Remix OS has amazingly brought the multitasking to android that proved desktop friendly. In addition, Jide the Remix founder has also released the PCs with Remix OS named as Android PC. The purpose of the OS is actually to allow users to remain connected and productive along with playing games and eating up media.

The Remix OS combines features of both windows and android to one platform. Remix OS 2.0 based on Android Marshmallow features windows like desktop features. Its start menu is like a windows menu and let you run multi windows like we do on windows 10 and has same familiar UI.


In addition, you can root Chuwi Vi10 Plus to run stock android Marshmallow. While running Remix OS 2.0 will allow you to enjoy apps from both OS marketplaces and almost every app is compatible on it but not all of them. Jide the founder of the Remix OS is at the forefront of improving Android multitasking and productive functionality for the tablet users.

2. Third Generation Docking interface

Chuwi Vi10 Plus does support magnetic docking keyboard like Surface Pro 3 and Chuwi HiPen H2 Stylus also work well on the tablet. Keyboard is not much large to a perfect size due to a 10.1-Inch tablet but still this keyboard functionality gives a relaxing feel while typing the letters due to its 1.2mm intervals.

The Chuwi HiPen H2 Stylus helps users to write and create freely whether it’s document or sketch art. While users need to buy these accessories from Chuwi separately.

Tablet has USB Type-C port and also supports 5V/3A quick charging.

3. HDMI Output Support

Vi10 Plus design resembles Surface Pro 3 and also is capable of competing the Surface Pro 3 but if we take a look on specifications, Vi10 Plus has an edge on Surface Pro 3 with HDMI feature. Through HDMI port users can switch from the Vi10 Plus to smart TV or smartphone. It means you can connect the tablet to an HDTV or a HD monitor to setup two screens or just to enlarge the display. There are also several other features which Surface 3 lacks.

4. Surface Tablet Features

It has almost every productive features that Surface Pro tablets have. It has many dock ports available that surface users can’t get without separate dock station. 2 full sized USB 2.0 ports are also more prone to productivity that Surface users would have wished to come with their surface tablet.



5. 2GB RAM Just for Remix OS and 4GB RAM for Dual OS

Chuwi Vi10 Plus is available for users in two variants and both are based on dual OS firmware. Windows operating system works better on 4GB version which comes with 64GB Rom. The 32GB vairiant with 2GB Ram has only the Remix OS 2.0 preinstalled while the 65GB ROM variant with 4GB RAM has both Windows 10 and Remix OS 2.0 installed in it.

6. 1920×1280 Display

The Cheap price tag was not supposed to be with high resolution? But Vi10 Plus screen resolution of 1920×1280 can make the picture to look more fabulous and lifelike.




7. Dual OS with Root

The 32GB Variant has not Dual OS installed by default but after a root you can actually run Windows 10 + Android 5.1 Marshmallow. The upgrade model comes with pre-installed dual OS.

8. Price of the CHUWI Vi10 Plus Tablet

The cheap price is the big thing you need to know for Chuwi Vi10 Plus. 64-bit quad-core X5 chip and 8th generation Intel HD Graphics make the tablet more durable. You can actually grab this tablet for only $131.61 from gearbest.com. But it’s ongoing promotion which can end soon with new price possibly at $160. However Vi10 Plus has 64GB ROM variant with 4GB Ram which can run Windows 10 perfectly. The company has set $100 up for the upgrade model.

9. No GPS built in

After all it’s Chinese tablet brand and this cheap price tag do not bring you GPS feature. So you can miss some functionalities in apps that require GPS tracking.

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