Everything Need to Know About Dual Screen ‘Axon M’, the feat by ZTE

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Several handset manufactures are figuring out foldable smartphones from few years to make them real for consumers. But first dual screen display smartphone by Axon M making the notch this time and bringing this new part out of box. Availability of ZTE Axon M is not confirmed for other markets, however it will be available in US to AT&T user base. While later it may also make its way to other markets including China, Europe and Japan.

Axon M

Looking at its industry leading specs and singularity, I can say Axon M is the phone of the year.

What this phone really brings?

As adverted it has dual display making it an effective multimedia device. So, what functionality we will get from the dual screen of ZTE Axon M is the really subject to talk about. There are following ways to make use of dual screen on Axon M as ZTE defined.

#1 One is called Dual Mode which let users run two different apps on separate screens it implies you can run one app on each screen. It will increase productivity by using Axon M. This phone extends the multitasking on smartphones to next level.

#2 Next comes Extended Mode which allows you to combine image on the dual display making a “tablet-like” large screen. It will help you stream email more productively and will be watching multimedia or playing games on a full 6.75-inch full-HD display instead of 5.2-inch default size.

Axon M extended

#3 Mirror Mode shows one screen content to second display. The best use case of mirror mode is letting two users watch content on both screen when tablet in tent mode or folded with both screens on opposite direction. It duplicates whatever is streaming in primary screen to other screen.

Axon M mirror

#4 Another mode is what ZTE call the Traditional Mode; By folding up the Axon M turns out just as a standard smartphone with one screen.

Additionally, it even possible to stream videos online on both screens at the same time on ZTE Axon M and we can also switch the audio between running streams. Like running a TV show on one screen and watch streaming a sports match on other end.


The ZTE foldable phone comes with Dual 5.2-inch 1080p display which expands to 6.75-inch when unfolded. It can fit in pockets easily when folded. Under the hood it is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor with 4GB of RAM, 64GB internal storage and option of microSD expansion. The camera with 20MP quality is one of the top feature in list which can also be used as rear and front-facing camera and front and back sensor. It has a 3180mAh battery which can keep it running upto 8 hours on multimedia, while it supports USB Type-C input. The phone comes with running Android Nougat 7.1.2 on it.

It will be available to AT&T users in US with a $24.17 for 30 months plan. For more details related to pricing and updates check out ZTE’s product page.

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