Turn Android Tablet into Desktop PC Interface and Use with Mouse & Keyboard

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Some android users who own tablet also want to use it like Desktop PC. Tablets are supposed to do what smartphones can’t do well. But what if tablets can’t do tasks efficiently like Laptops or desktop PC does? Android’s own interface is not much desktop friendly when you intend to use it with mouse and keyboard.

Then, how it would be for you if you can get benefit of larger screen and use your Tablet like desktop PC? So, I have tested something that I want to lay out here. After reading this post you can turn your Tablet into Desktop PC interface for easy multitasking with the help of keyboard and mouse.

Tablet into Desktop PC

The solution that I found is in the form of apps, one app will make you feel like Mac PC and other will push you to Windows 10 PC interface.

Turn Android Tablet into Desktop PC

First of all we would like to discuss a little about the app which will be used to make your android device run like a Desktop PC.

Leena Launcher is the app made by LeenaOS.com which turns your android phone or Tablet into Desktop PC like environment to use with Keyboard and Mouse and attaching the device to TV/Monitor. For more info you can visit http://www.leenaos.com.

So, now it’s time to head over to a quick guide.

To make your tablet to work like a PC you need to install Leena App from Google Play Store or search for APK file on Google. The app doesn’t require any root. It also doesn’t require reboot to start its operation. You can keep it as default launcher by going into your device settings. Its interface seems like Mac OS X.

Now open the Leena Launcher you will see the app settings. You can change the size of fonts and icons from app settings to choose UI scale you want to keep.

Here is the Leena Launcher Home screen screenshot:

Leena Launcher

Multi Windows Mode

There are several native apps in Leena that open in windows mode. The multi windows native apps supported with Leena Launcher are Facebook, Twitter,  Evernote, YouTube, Internet browser, file Manager, Google Drive, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and XING. Even you can open multiple instances of every native app and it won’t show any lag to an extent as I tested. The interface is wonderful and easy to navigate. The launcher supports portrait mode as well.

The app provides a quick way to launch a desktop like interface unlike other apps I checked. While it’s perfect to use with mouse and keyboard.

turn Tablet into Desktop PC

Now it’s time to connect physical mouse and keyboard to the tablet. It would be good to use wireless Mouse and Keyboard. If you want to use a USB Mouse and Keyboard then you would also need an OTG cable.

For the perfect Mac PC like environment you can use an HDMI adapter to mirror your android device to TV or Monitor. While you can also use screen mirroring or casting apps to run it on PC. Head over to my posts on How to remote control android device from PC via WiFi/Internet or USB Cable.

However, if you are using tablet then still it would be good to utilize its screen without any external display but if you are depending on mobile then connect it to larger screen for convenient desktop-like experience.

Also, download Null Keyboard app which is useful if you are connected with an external keyboard. Allow this keyboard as input method so that no virtual keyboard should appear until you change it back.


Another app that can turn Tablet into Desktop PC like interface is Andromium with the interface looks like Windows 10.

To make your tablet to work like a Windows PC you need to install Andronium App from Google Play Store. Your device should have Android Lollipop or up version for this app to run perfectly. After installation go to the device settings and give data usage and notification access to Andromium.

Andtromium settings - Screenshot

Then tap on Andromium icon, the app settings will open and choose which UI scale you want to keep. Now tap the app notification from notification bar saying ‘tap to start manually’. If the app doesn’t start its operation then reboot the device and start the andromium app operation again. You will also need to reboot the device every time you change UI scale to work perfectly.

The andromium app interface looks like this:

Andromium Screenshot

Andromium notification Screenshot

Andromium Menu - Screenshot

The app basically keep the task bar alive when you tap the operation back. To turn it off in a right way tap ‘Log Out’ from the task bar menu or ‘Shutdown OS’ from notification bar.

There are several important operations open in resizable windows mode. Like you can browse the web in windows mode. The supported apps with andromium include Browser, File Explorer, Video Player, Music Player, Calculator and Mine Sweeper.

Final Words

Andromium has less supported number of native apps as compared to Leena Launcher which was launched later. While it also can’t open multiple instances of native apps like the Leena app.

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