Turn your Old Android Tablet into Kid-Friendly Device with Google Family Link App

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Have you any old android Tablet which you want to pass down to your kid instead of buying a whole new kid-oriented tablet? Then you might also be worrying about the access to hazards of sempiternal cyber sphere under your kid’s fingertips or over spending in the playstore. Although, there are many android apps offering parental controls but you may end up finding them incomplete, low quality or too expensive to strike your budget hard.

But, fortunately you can solve this issue by utilizing a complete parental service by Google called Family Link. It’s a free service which turns an all-purpose android tablet into a kid friendly device by bounding it to the Google’s ecosystem for kids with up to 13 years of age.

Family Link app lets you keep control of android device owned by kid. It will also help you keep track of your kid’s screentime activities with different accessibility features.

You will need to create a Google account for your kids and download the Family Link app on the tablet. The purpose of the Google account is to bound the kids users inside the Google’s ecosystem of services for the kids. Following are the main features of the Family Link App:

  1. See what kids do in their screen time. You get an overview of time spend on each app they use. Reports can be accessed on weekly or monthly basis.
  2. Can set screen time limits Family Link features
  3. Manage the apps that kids can use. You can approve or block any app to download from Google Play Store. Family Link Manage Apps
  4. Along with screen time there is also a feature to set a bedtime on device. The kid’s device gets remotely locked upon bedtime or even when a break time. Family Link
  5. You can disable those installed apps those you don’t want them to access or use. While you may not be able to deny the access to some pre-installed apps.
  6. Family Link lets you make multiple accounts for kids.
  7. It will let you filter the content for kids and also you can keep private info private. For complete guide, head over to the ‘Tips for families’ section of Google Family Link page.

But you also need to know about two of the drawbacks about Family Link. First, the app is available on Google Play Store for the devices running Nougat or higher version of the android OS but some devices having Marshmallow or KitKat version may also work, simply not guaranteed. If you don’t find Family Link app on Google Play store then download its APK file from any third party source like APKMirror.com. While unlike Amazon parenting service, some activities like music players, messaging apps or any other apps running in the background may not be fully tracked in weekly or monthly activity reports.

However, this Google’s freeware service is still expedient to parents who would like to pass down old android phones or tablets to their kids instead of buying a whole new kid-oriented tablet. As, it will lessen the risk for their kids being prone to become any cyber victim.

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