Turn Your Surface Tablet into a Desktop Workstation with Vertical Surface Dock

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Microsoft’s Surface Pro is the dual purpose device, means you can use it as a Laptop and a tablet on single twist. But a new accessory debuts now with the purpose to turn Surface tablets into a complete desktop workstation.

As many users out there who use their tablets for extra boost of productivity with desktop, so for a dock is also being projected for Surface device to be used as workstation.

Surface Dock for Workstation

A vertical surface dock by Garage Team holds the Surface tablet vertically along with monitor to use it as additional monitor and at eye-level position next to regular desktop monitors. Like shown in the video it’s easy to mount and dismount the device from the dock. It provides the ease for drawing on surface as input for desktop. The dock allows you to drag the content shown by desktop onto the tablet’s screen while you can use surface as secondary display. While the clear benefit of using this dock is its plug and play nature which doesn’t require you any extra setup.

This dock will turn the 2-in-1 surface tablet into a 3-in-1 ergonomic workstation. It’s solely for those who like to best utilize their surface to boost as other peripherals.

The VESA dock which works with Surface Pro 2017/ Pro 4/ Pro 3 is priced at $79. The Deluxe VESA Dock with OEM Microsoft electronics preinstalled will cost you $275. For more info you can check out Bigcartel site and Garage Team Page.

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