How to Use Phone as a Gamepad for Tablet?

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The market of android games with controller support is increasing. While there is a large variety of gamepads and wireless controllers that has pushed the video gaming on handheld devices to next level. But if you are the person who don’t want to buy gamepad for some reasons then no problem as still you can enjoy gamepad supported games on tablet if you own an android phone as well, as you can turn android phone into a gamepad for tablet. So in this article you will be able to know how to use android phone as a gamepad for Tablet. After reading this article you will know to use an android device as a gamepad for another android device to:

  1. Play Gamepad Supported Android Games
  2. Play Console video games via Emulators


Use android phone as a gamepad for Tablet

A) To Play Gamepad Supported Android Game

If you want to use android mobile as a gamepad for Tablet or another Smartphone for gamepad supported android games then first you need to make sure that Tablet remote app is installed and running on both devices. Tablet remote is the app allows you to control an android tablet or phone with another Android device. While you can also play games with four gamepad input mapping. Download tablet remote app from Google Play Store.

Phone as gamepad - tablet remote

Phone as gamepad - input maping


First of all on the android tablet tap the Setup section in the app (if you want to control tablet with smartphone) and select Tablet remote keyboard as default input method. You have to activate both configuration settings in order to get input from your mobile:

  • Enable the Tablet Remote
  • Select Tablet Remote as default

Phone as gamepad input method

Now activate Bluetooth on both devices and tap Connection option on both devices. Search the device from any device but before that tap Make Device Discoverable on second device. Select the device with which you want to pair. Now a connection will be established between both devices. If the connection initiation gets failed then close the app on both devices and try to connect again.


After configuring settings and setting up the connection you can play gamepad supported games running on your Android tablet from your phone. While many multimedia apps work with tablet remote app and you can also set the volume and brightness of the tablet from your phone.

Phone as gamepad

Popular gamepad supported android games are SEGA Forever games, Rockstar Games, Modern Combat 5, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Crashlands, Unkilled and Asphalt 8: Airborne. The new Super Mario app is also compatible with tablet remote.

B) To Play Console Video Games via Emulators

If you want to play console games through emulators on android tablet or phone by using another android mobile device as gamepad then BT Controller app will do this task for you.

BT Controller is the gamepad app which allows you to play emulator games in the same way the tablet remote app let you control gamepad supported android games on larger screen of tablet from your phone. Although some emulator apps are also compatible with the tablet remote app but BT Controller is compatible with almost all emulators.

You can purpose this app to control various console emulators for Nintendo DS, N64, PSP, and Playstation. First make sure BT Controller app is installed and running on both devices. Download BT Controller gamepad app from Google Play Store.


In order to use android phone as a gamepad for Tablet or another Smartphone to play console games through emulators follow the configuration process below.

Phone as gamepad BT controller

BT Controller app has two options to connect, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Activate Bluetooth or WiFi on both devices to connect. Make sure both devices are discoverable to each other. From the tablet (if you want to host tablet to play games from mobile phone) tap Start Host and enable BT Controller keyboard and select it as default. Always make sure that BT Controller is selected as default keyboard and input method to control from other android device. To activate BT Controller input you have to configure the device settings by tapping both options in Start Host:

  • Enable BT Controller Keyboard
  • Select BT Controller Keyboard as default

Phone as gamepad Start Host

Now from the mobile tap Connect to Host (if you want use your android phone as controller to play game on tablet). The device to be hosted will appear in the list, tap to connect or scan again if you don’t find it. After both devices gets paired the controller android device’s screen will automatically turn into a virtual gamepad with default input mapping while the tablet’s screen will keep displaying a small preview window until you hide it.

Although you can play gamepad supported android games too via BT Controller but if you are going to play console games by using emulator then don’t forget to configure “settings in emulator” to map the BT Controller buttons.

Phone as gamepad input mapping

Choose your gamepad keys combination from the settings menu. If you don’t like BT Controller Keyboard then no problem you can always change the default input method after playing games.

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