How to use Tablet or iPad as a Monitor for Windows PC?

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If you own a Tablet or iPad, you probably use it primarily for casual web browsing, reading and media consumption, while done your real work on a Laptop or desktop PC. But you can use your tablet to show someone your work or any kind of content from your PC to any Tablet as a monitor. However, I’m not talking about controlling PC from any place but the solution I will describe is to use a tablet specifically as monitor without remote access. The aim is to let other people watch the PC content more conveniently and without any remote access of the PC.

Tablet as a Monitor for PC

Reasons behind using tablet as a monitor for PC are that you wanna let your family watch videos or games while without getting any interruption, only mirror your PC content with someone from anywhere, or giving presentation to people from your computer to different Tablet devices instead of using projector or big screens. So other people can get into PC mirroring when you will be able to connect your PC to a Tablet to work as an another monitor.

This way will also help out teachers to render video documentaries, slides or any computer content right on the students’ tablet.

I have searched for many apps that could help me to use a tablet purely as a screen and no one can control my PC instead of watching my pc stuff to anyone under same network. Fortunately, I had succeeded to differentiate this feature. As users might have searched for using tablet as main or duplicate monitor without the access to controls so I hope this method gonna help you in a right way.

The tool that I have applied for this purpose is TeamViewer. Although TeamViewer is the most common remote app but there are bundle of other features including the use of Tablet or iPad as a monitor only.

How to use Tablet or iPad as a Monitor (Primary)?

Below is the quick method to follow on how to use a tablet as a monitor (100% as duplicate screen) via WiFi:

  1. Download TeamViewer for android tablet or iOS app for iPad. Although TeamViewer can also used on mobile phones but it won’t be better to use PC with smaller displays than tablet.
  2. Download TeamViewer Setup for your Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS.
  3. Now TeamViewer need to be launched on PC and Tablet simultaneously.
  4. Keep the same Network connection for all devices.
  5. Lookout the TeamViewer Product ID and Password on PC.
  6. Now you or any other tablet or iPad user should put that ID and password on their tablet device. teamviewer-connect
  7. By connecting tablet via TeamViewer, Tablet users will be able to access the Desktop PC or Laptop remotely. teamviewer-remote-access
  8. On bottom right you will see a little TeamViewer tray showing connected devices.
  9. As you want to use your android Tablet or iPad only as a monitor and without remote access then select the device from TeamViewer Tray and uncheck the “allow access” option. tablet-as-monitor
  10. Now you are ready to share your content comfortably on Tablet screen without interruption.
  11. The video you play will blow audio on both devices. This way you can let someone watch your favorite media content on their device without any hassle.

Note: Don’t forget to uncheck ‘allow access’ option for limiting tablet only as a screen instead of allowing a remote access to the tablet users.

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