Quick way to Install WhatsApp Messenger for Tablet

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WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular messenger app, recording over billion active users and still growing day-by-day. Now almost every smartphone user downloads WhatsApp Messenger to keep connected with friends and family members. However, one thing we should keep in mind that the tablet is also a part of mobile platform but when the tablet users search for WhatsApp Messenger on Google Play Store they really get surprised that WhatsApp messenger for tablet doesn’t exist on Store. At the meantime we know there are huge number of WiFi-only tablets offered by large manufacturers all over the World. So, every tablet user wants to enjoy this popular messenger on their tablet.

WhatsApp Messenger for Tablet

Guys, the reason behind won’t able to find WhatsApp on Play Store when searching from tablet is that WhatsApp authority doesn’t officially support WiFi-only Tablets. But, if you really do own WiFi-only tablet then you don’t need to worry anymore as there is a simple trick that you can try right now to Install WhatsApp messenger for tablet. I don’t think that this solution will take your more than 5 minutes if the internet connection is good at the moment. WiFi-only Tablets are those models which do not support SIM Card or have no SIM Card slot at all. So below I will guide you through out steps so that you shouldn’t ponder about any complication.

Download and Install WhatsApp Messenger for Tablet

Note: First you need to keep a separate phone turn on with SIM CARD to receive SMS or Call for WhatsApp number verification.

Here are the simple steps to download and Install WhatsApp Messenger for Tablet:

  1. Download APK file from whatsapp Website.
  2. Locate the APK file and open it on your Tablet
  3. Allow unknown source for installation at least once by going into Settings > Security > Unknown Sources WhatsApp-Tablet
  4. Now open the WhatsApp APK file and press to Install
  5. After installation of WhatsApp Messenger, start the account configuration process WhatsApp-Tablet
  6. Enter your mobile number for verification code but it won’t be detected automatically WhatsApp-for-Tablets
  7. Receive the code via call or SMS on your phone and put the code for verification in the account setup process on tablet. You may not receive verification code via SMS in five minutes so you can choose ‘Call Me’ option next time and then answer the phone call immediately on your mobile phone to get the verification code you need for WhatsApp account. (Verification SMS can take your more five minutes) WhatsApp-Verification-for-Tablet
  8. Next, Insert the received code on your tablet.
  9. Wow! If done, you have just started enjoying WhatsApp messenger on Tablet within five minutes. Now you will have better experience of WhatsApp on larger screen.
  10. You can also restore chat history including media files from any backup source. Put the right restore source for chat history that you used last time for this account or ignore this step if you are setting the account on this number for the first time or don’t want to restore chat history.

This was a quick tutorial to download WhatsApp messenger for tablet with Android OS in five minutes. You can follow above steps to download and install WhatsApp on your Tablet right now. However, below we have added more details about installing and using WhatsApp messenger on Tablet.

Notes on WhatsApp Messenger for Tablet

Here are few things you should keep in mind about the WhatsApp Messenger for tablet download method.

  • Remember, by following the above guide you will be making a new or separate account on Tablet that will be used exclusively on Tablet. You can use new number or existing account number but keep in mind your running WhatsApp account need to be turned off from smartphone before configuring on tablet.
  • You should use a mobile or PC browser to open the APK download link. If you downloaded the APK file on PC then move it to tablet and open it. The setup will be installed simply on your Tablet without complications.
  • Don’t forget to allow the unknown resources by going into security settings of your tablet as mentioned above in steps. If you don’t check the unknown resources then error message may pop-up by opening the APK file.
  • Verification code may take up to five minutes to arrive Via SMS on your mobile or try alternative verification method so you shouldn’t get worried.
  • Some Tablet models still may not support WhatsApp via this method.
  • There is also an alternative method to use WhatsApp on Tablet. You can use it by opening web.whatsapp.com on Tablet and setting web view of WhatsApp. But through this method you would need to keep connected your WhatsApp account on mobile at the same time.
  • First try to download WhatsApp Messenger for tablet following APK file method as it’s the easiest way.

Now we have already provided you more details about download and Install WhatsApp Messenger for Tablet. If you find any trouble in installing WhatsApp Messenger on Tablet, don’t forget to mention below in the comment section. And if this article has helped you installing WhatsApp Messenger on your tablet then don’t forget to like our post.

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