5 Whiteboard Apps to Turn Your Android Tablet into Digital Whiteboard

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Tablets come close when talking about the Modern Education in the classrooms. So taking that in note this time we came with the list of 5 apps that will turn your android tablet into a digital whiteboard. You will find many android Whiteboard apps in Google Play Store but if you want to know which suites you best then you are at right place.

An android Whiteboard app will help the tablet users who want a digital solution for drawing and noting the ideas on whiteboard, whether they are in classroom or in an office. You will be able to put down your plans, brainstorm the ideas, draw different shapes, doodle and many more right on your tablet.

Top 5 Whiteboard Apps

So below are the best Whiteboard apps for android discussed briefly along with the list of features.

Whiteboard-Draw Paint Doodle


This is on of the best Whiteboard app for android and remains at top in my list which has a bundle of options to avail. It comes with three modes; Whiteboard, Kids board and the doodle desk.

Whiteboard mode allows users to draw, brainstorm and discuss the idea with a professional interface. Doodle mode keep you in doodling way, you can doodle with pictures as well. While Kids Board can be used as a drawing fun for the kids. This whiteboard app is wonderful virtual tool for the teachers who have to instruct the kids. Another thing unique in this app is that you can choose between portrait or landscape mode for the page.


The tools and functionality include:

  • Draw on the screen by dragging the finger
  • Try over hundred colors
  • Change the Line width and transparency
  • Draw basic shapes like circle, square, rectangle etc.
  • Kids mode: Fill color in images of animals, plants and fruits
  • Wonderful backgrounds to choose
  • Have a clip art gallery
  • Save drawings or share with others
  • Can add pictures from gallery to use as clipart with zoom in zoom out facility
  • You can publish your creative ideas with the photobooth community, and can like, share and comment on the photobooth images.

Whiteboard-Draw Paint Doodle

Whiteboard-Draw Paint Doodle Pro

LiveBoard: RealTime Whiteboard


If you want a Whiteboard tool on android which let users draw or brainstorm the ideas live with the online audience then LiveBoard is the one that will serve you well on tablet or phone. It allows you to draw, visualize ideas, work together on brainstorming the idea real-time and chat with anyone in the network live. The unique features which I liked most are the wonderful User Interface, ability to zoom the page in-out and Live Broadcast. Below are all the features that you might like to know before downloading the app.

– Realtime drawing and whiteboard sharing with an unlimited number of participants via internet.
– “One-click” session start without having to create an account.
– Unlimited whiteboards to draw on.
– Share your creations via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Google+, Viber) and email.
– Save your drawings into your gallery.
– Snap a picture or upload full images from your device to draw on.
– Configurable sizes for brush and eraser and a beautiful full-spectrum color picker.
– Unlimited undos and redos to retrace your steps.
– Text tool to add notes and descriptions.
– Essential geometric shapes to complete any drawing.
– Instant messaging with participants

LiveBoard: RealTime Whiteboard

Whiteboard: Collaborative Draw


Whiteboard : Collaborative Draw is a great android app to quickly sketch out an idea when you have no real whiteboard available. This app has more stuff to do with painting or sketch and coming to the network for collaborating. It is a nice whiteboard app to show your real-time drawing or painting to kids on their device or view their drawing even when you are away. Drawings save automatically and can be shown real-time with others or shared as an image by different sharing platforms.

However this whiteboard app has limited undos and redos to do, we can’t add text and there’s no landscape mode.

Drawing Features:

✓ Open any image or photo on your device!
✓ Save your drawings!
✓ Change your marker transparency (opacity)!
✓ Choose any color you want, with the new full-spectrum color picker!
✓ Better drawing quality!

Whiteboard: Collaborative Draw

Whiteboard by Sharda Gohil


Then the next worth watching Whiteboard app is quite simple and comes handy in term of simple drawing. Draw the stuff and show your kids. However it has some shortcomings like the non availability of landscape mode, can’t add text and not able to edit the saved drawings but as said it’s simple app to draw and show your kids. Add images and doodle as much as you can. Its design is clean and elegant and have a bundle of background options. It has bunch of drawing features that you may like. For more details visit Google Play Store page.

Download Whiteboard

Interactive Whiteboard


Our last android Whiteboard app in best 5 is Interactive Whiteboard by FredH. It is a simple virtual Whiteboard which let you draw or teach what you want. If you want to keep the whiteboard simple for your work then this app will fit your need. It serves fast and responsive drawing with the support of one and multi-finger input. Even you can draw with all 10 fingers with your hands. Checkout the features to see whether it fits your need.


– Fast and responsive drawing
– Multi-finger input
– Straight lines mode
– Live settings menu with colors, width and more
– Honeycomb on tablets support
– Move mode where you can select parts of the drawing and move them around.
– Save and load drawings

Interactive Whiteboard


So these were the 5 whiteboard apps that can convert your android device into digital whiteboard. However as briefly detailed these apps have their own strengths and weakness, so you can try one, which truly fit your needs.

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